Christine F Connelly


Red Sox Colors

Red, white, and true blue
Red Sox uniforms inspire
Patriotic pride.



Hunger Strike Day 26


I sit on the steps of the State House on the Freedom Trail. Today is day 26 of my water only hunger strike to protest  my ex’s and Judge Casey’s decision that I cannot see my daughter because I am transgender and I’m against Parent Alienation which the Norfolk Court has sanctioned as ok if it is towards a transgender person.

Hunger Haiku


My hunger, my girl
Second by second time ticks
Her grin I do miss.


Hunger Strike Day 19

state house

I am on a hunger strike (Day 19) to stop transgender abuse at the Massachusetts State House Capitol on the historic Freedom Trail across from the Major Robert Shaw 54th Regiment Memorial, which was the first standing regiment of African American soldiers. Boston is one of the first to pass civil rights laws to protect transgender people from abuse. Unfortunately harassment is still a common practice within the population much like The Civil Rights Act which did not stop discrimination against African Americans. According to a 2011 Gay & Lesbian Task Force in their report Injustice At Every Turn, 90% of transgender individuals reported some form of harassment or abuse. In a nation that spends trillions to stop human rights violations around the world we can do better here in the US.


T on the Shore
The rainbow ship sailed
unlike Noah
who took us all
the G left the T
on the shore
and said bye
bye bye bye
we are wondering why
Why Why Why


Wake Up Haiku

Working nine to five
Americano smells sweet
A sip and a smile.




Hunger Strike to Stop Transgender Abuse



Christine Connelly who is a certified public accountant began a hunger strike to protest transgender abuse when the court refused for the third time to enforce a court order that allows her visitation rights to see her 13-year old-daughter. Visitation was stopped 10 months ago by her ex-spouse allegedly because she is transgender.

On August 1st Christine Connelly who is a Certified Public Accountant, author and poet began a hunger strike to protest transgender abuse when the Probate and Family Trial Court of Norfolk County Massachusetts refused for the third time to enforce a court order that allows her visitation rights to see her 13 year old daughter (Case Number: 11D-0275-DR). Christine has repeatedly told the court, “Visitation was stopped 10 months ago by her ex-spouse because she is transgender.”

According to Philip Stahl, California Psychologist, parent alienation and abandonment can cause emotional and psychological conflict in the children of divorcing parents and can cause a variety of pathological problems for these children like conflicts with authority figures and rage.

Suicide rates for transgender individuals is 41% according to the 2011 national study by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and the National Center for Transgender Equality “Injustice At Every Turn” and the suicide rate for children of transgender parents is unknown.

Christine said, “It is well known that regular and continuous visitation with parents and siblings during and after a divorce is generally the best way to help a child grow up and enhance their emotional and psychological well being. Rejection, abandonment and bullying is a trigger among children and transgender people who have committed suicide.

Christine began her public protest in front of the Massachusetts State House on Monday August 11, 2014.